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Chemas Sea Resort

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Chemas by the Sea Resort

For those of you who would want an intimate and blissful getaway, Chemas by the Sea Resort is perfect. Right in the middle of lush gardens, this small piece of paradise combines the touch of modern amenities with the beauty of nature. A cozy and comfy place to relax and unwind.


  • Infinity Pool
  • Wash rooms complete with dressing area and comfort rooms
  • Bar


  • Cabanas
  • Air-conditioned Rooms

Quick Travel Tips:

Get in touch with Quincho, the manager and owner of the place to prepare for you. It is best to always reserve for a place before proceeding to Chemas.

Best to order an hour or so earlier than when you would be eating, as food is cooked only upon order.

It is best to stay overnight, as the beach has low tide most part of the day. The beach is best for swimming starting at 4pm onwards, and early morning.

Best Way to Get Around:

Contact Quincho so that a boat to pick you up can be arranged from the Waterfront Hotel. Taxis can take you from your hotel to the Waterfront Hotel which is about 10-15 minutes from the downtown area (average traffic).

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