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Eden Nature Park, a natural paradise in Davao City, Philippines, is the place for you. Breathe in the healing energy of pine trees and exotic flowers. Meditate while in the embrace of God's creations— the lush green forests and the songs of birds. Enjoy the resort's comfortable amenities... and Experience the magic of pure mountain air.

A mountain resort located at 3,000 feet above sea level, Eden Nature Park is 95% human-made! It is a great model of how humans can re-create nature and rebuild a lost environment. Discovered sometime in 1971, the resort used to be a logged-over area covered only by a blanket of wild grass. Its potential was, however, readily seen by the owners as the property provided an imposing view of Davao City and the Davao Gulf.

Not long after, terraces were carved out of the mountain slope, and thousands of pine tree seedlings were planted. As the pine trees grew it created canopies, allowing other trees and plants to grow and creating a secondary forest. Today, there are over 100,000 pine trees spread in about 80 hectares, providing a refreshing backdrop to the various attractions in Eden Nature Park.

Eden Facilities


Activitiy Center - The Activity Center is the information nerve and the hub of day activities of the resort. Guests register here for day packages, guided tours or special day events.

Holiday Lodge - A stone's throw away and fronting the Holiday Terraces is the Holiday Lodge. With native inspired rooms, and where nature is at your fingertips, these duplex units are an idyllic honeymoon or vacation package.

Vista Cottage - An intimate hideaway for couples nestled amongst lush greenery overlooking a ravine.

Activity Center
Holiday Lodge
Vista Cottage

Begonia Room - The rooms are situated exactly in the heart of the seminar village, the right place to unwind and relax after a tough day's battle of the brains.

Aster Room - Located at the center of the Seminar Hall and the Cafeteria, you can jump right into a cozy bed should you need to slow down from the hectic and fiery workshop/conference sessions conducted in any of these function areas.

Log Cabin - A cozy retreat nestled amid a forest of tall pine trees, this four-bedroom cabin has an annex cottage to accommodate up to 14 persons. It is fully equipped with kitchen and dining facilities.

Begonia Room
Aster Room
Log Cabin
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