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Getting to Boracay

By Plane - The fastest way to Boracay is to fly from Manila to Caticlan Airport on Panay Island. There are also many flights to Kalibo, which is 1 1/2 hours by bus from Caticlan. Flight time from Manila to Caticlan ranges from 35-30 minutes; to Kalibo, it takes about 50 minutes. From Cebu City, the flight takes about the same time and from Tablas, it takes about 30 minutes. Since flight schedules change frequently, consult the domestic airline companies.

By ship - An adventurous but more leisurely and romantic way to travel to Boracay is by ferry from Manila to Caticlan or Dumaguit, near Kalibo. The trip takes about 17 hours.


Public transportation on Boracay is still by "tricyle" (motorcycle with a sidecar). The daytime fare per passenger is 7 pesos for any trip between Boat Station 1 and 3. Fares are higher, and often negotiable, for trips beyond Station 1 and 3. Pedicabs are available on the southern part of the White Beach path.

Daytime fares per person range from 20 to 40 pesos, depending on the distance and your negotiating skills. Nighttime fares for both motorcycles ("tricycles") and pedicabs are higher the later the hour. Prices are supposed to be posted in the tricycles.

Location and Size

Boracay Island is located approximately 350 kilometers south of Manila. Boracay is about 7 kilometers long and at is narrowest point barely a kilometer wide, comprising an area of 1,083 hectares. The center of the islandm where the population of about 16,000 people is concentrated, is flat and narrow. Both the southern and northern ends of the island are wider and hilly, with the highest point (Mt. Luho, 100 meter, located in the northeast).


The international country code of the Philippines is 63. Towns and cities have area codes as follows: Manila = 20; Boracay = 036; Kalibo = 036; Iloilo = 033; Cebu = 032.

If you are calling from abroad, omit the "0" in the area code and the first digit "0" in 11-digit mobile phone numbers. For example, to call a number in:


  • Manila: dial 0063-2-815-0000
  • Boracay: dial 0063-36-288-0000
  • A mobile phone: dial 0063-915-0000000

When calling long distance inside the Philippines:


  • Manila: dial (02) 815-0000
  • Boracay: dial (036) 288-0000
  • A mobile phone: dial 0915-0000000
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