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Wellness - Healing you body

The body never lies. Its posture, movement, vitality and tension are an expression of your personal emotional state. Feelings are the life of the body and they will move through you like waves of sensations. Therefore, the relationship you have with your feelings reflects the relationship you have with your body.

If you ignore or hold back and not give your feelings complete expression they do not go away. They may subside, but they remain held and stored in the muscles of the body creating a layer of physical tension.

When the next situation arises, the old pattern of holding back and denying the feelings takes place and a build up occurs. This habitual pattern is often created in early childhood. The tension is there to protect you against the pain of experiencing the unpleasant feelings. You don't feel the pain, but you live out of your body. This can cause depression, confusion, lack of joy and physical rigidity, which robs you of a deeper connection with yourself.

Now I would like to ask you, how connected are you to your body? Do you feel graceful or rigid and tight? Is your breathing free allowing chest and abdomen to move easily and deep or is it shallow and constricted preventing you from getting a deep breath.

Are you open and feeling the sensation and streaming in your body or are you disconnected, numb, lifeless and mechanical. Do you embrace and appreciate your body, or are you holding a grudge against it because it causes you emotional or physical pain, or does not look like the way you want to look?

How do we make the body alive again, you might ask? You must get out of your mind and anchor your awareness in your body. Here is how you begin:

Listen to Your Body – It is Talking to You:
Practice listening throughout your day. Your body is giving your feedback on the minor or major choices that you make every day. Your body responds with a "yes", "no" and "maybe" by certain physical reactions that occur. If you listen you will learn what they mean. It tells you when you are out of balance or when the choices you've made are in harmony with your real self.

Try tuning into your inner experience during your day. Identify the sensations in your body, the temperature, do the muscles feel tense or relaxed, is it vibrating or lifeless and stuck, do you feel energetic or fatigued. What areas are tight and contracted, what parts are open and soft?

Practice listening when you are doing something you love or when you are doing something you dislike. Try to understand your physical reactions and the messages your body is sending to you as you engage in life and interact with others.

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