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Palawan, possesses the greatest and most varied natural beauty. The main island is 270 miles long, 25 miles across at its widest point and lies like a huge rampart between the South China Sea and the Sulu Sea. In the north, Palawan ends in a ragged confusion of bays, deep inlets and hundreds of islands, large and small. With 1,770 islands in all, and a total of 400 miles,

Palawan is the largest province in Philippines. The friendly capital of Puerto Princesa, on a sheltered bay of the same name, lies half-way down the long narrow island. The town of 75,000 inhabitants was hewn out of the virgin jungle as recently as 1872.The extensive but straighforward layout of the city offers little to look at, other than the Cathedral beside Rizak Park which was built to replace the original church dating from 1880s.

Palawan?s largest and most famous caven, St Paul?s cave can only be reached by water.About 30 miles due north of Puerto Princesa the Underground River flows through the 4 ½ mile long cave in St Paul?s National Park which cover 15 sq miles on the shore of St Paul Bay on the South China Sea.

The northwest of Palawan, El Nido is the place that visitors to Palawan dream of finding. The Spanish called the El Nido meaning "The Nest" because bird?s nest from which the famous soup was made "grew" in the limestone cliffs. The town snuggles shyly between the high cliffs and the white sandy beach. The invasion of foreign visitors in the last few years has not robbed El Nido of its friendly charm.

In the face of such overwhelmingly beautiful natural landscape, any development would have been both irresponsible and presumptous.

It becomes even more miraculous if visitors travel to explore Bacuit Archipelago. Cliffs rise like dark ships sheer out of the crystal clear water, white beaches gleam above colorful banks of coral, lagoons hide behind steep walls of rock. El Nido is one hopes a place where nature will have a safe home. There other places that you can relax at enjoy your vacation while your in palawan like these hotels and resorts listing below.

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