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Number of rooms: 60 Rooms

Location: Palawan
Coron, Northern Palawan

Sangat Island Reserve is situated in the northern part of the Calamian Islands in the province of Palawan, the Philippines Western-most islands. The Calamian Islands are known for their pristine beauty, natural attractions and mystic appeal. The Calamian Island group is among the most beautiful regions in the country and ringing with tiny islands. Sangat Island is 2 km off the coast of Busuanga close to Barangay Bintuan, Coron. The major islands in the Calamian group are Busuanga, Culion and Coron. Resort

An extraordinary resort concept which will change the way travelers think about and enjoy vacations by providing guests with a relaxing natural experience as an antidote to their stressful 'high-tech' everyday life.Sangat Island is the only island resort offering diving facilities in Coron Bay Busuanga Philippines near to 12 Japanese shipwrecks, some located very close to our beach. Nobody can take you there faster and more comfortably! Many of the employees at our resort belong to the local Tagbanua tribe and these people still retain their unique culture and add to the undeveloped character of the region.

Their past exposure to explorers, colonizers, in-migrants and subsequent inter-marriages to the lowland settlers have already made non-residents and tourists acceptable entrants into what used to be their tribal lands. While tourism can be a big boost to the local economy, we are continually mindful of not diluting the local culture. As a result, while Tagbanua handicrafts may be available at the resort, we do not exploit local traditions for enjoyment of the guests.

We believe the best interaction with the locals is a natural interaction, of which every guest can expect multiple opportunities.Sangat Island, a traditional hunting and burial ground for the local Tagbanua tribe, is now also a wildlife reserve while the waters surrounding the resort are designated as a marine sanctuary. Sangat Island Reserve is and will continue to be the only development on the island.

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