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Palawan Festival

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Palawan Festival:

Active ImagePagdiwata Ritual Festival - (full moon of December; Aborlan town proper, Palawan). Pagdiwata ritual is a family affair and is the focal point of Tagbanua life. Its activities embody their traditional sentiments and contribute to their persistence. It is also used for securing seance when people are sick especially when treated by their relatives as a medium. It includes offering of wine, nuts, wax, food and many other commodities. Pagdiwata is also an offering to celebrate a bountiful harvest or a successful hunting trip.

Tarek Festival
- (3rd week of January; Aborlan town proper) For the Tagbanuas, it is a dance ritual comprising the observance of the Pagdiwata. For the Batak tribe, it is a form of war dance.

Lambay Festival - A Batak ritual that signals the start of the hunting and gathering season.

Cuyo Fiesta - (August 28; Cuyo town proper, Palawan) - Soot-covered revelers perform the Ati-Atihan street dance to frenzied drumbeats.

Feast of the Immaculate Conception
- (December) is a celebration in honour of the city's patroness and highlighted by a parade and a procession of colourfully adorned floats and images of the Virgin Mary. Don’t forget your camera.

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