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Brief History:

The land on which Jack's Ridge now stand once formed part of the headquarter of the retreating Japanese forces towards the end of the World War II. The Americans had landed in Davao on May 1, 1945, forcing the Japanese to beat a path to Matina Hills where they had a commanding view of the Davao Gulf where the American ships were anchored.

Fierce fighting soon erupted between the two forces, and as history shown us, the Japanese lost. Today, more than half a century later, Jack's Ridge is filled with reminders of its historic past. Caves dug by the Japanese pockmark the area, and once in a while people still find bullets and other war materials in the rocky soil.

There is also talk that hidden somewhere in the caved are gold bullions and other treasure that the Japanese had taken from other countries and brought to Davao. Whatever the truth is about the treasure, Jack's Ridge maintains the feature that made it an important outpost for the retreating Japanese forces, a commanding view of Davao City and the Gulf, the same view within the premises is also refreshing, since the owner has made its mission to preserve the natural beauty of the place.

Jack's Ridge was built to offer a completely new experience to dinners, and its not over yet, more development are under way to make it the premier dining resort in Davao City. Indeed, Jack's Ridge is making it's own mark in Davao City's History.


  • Taklobo Restaurant - The main restaurant offers Dabawenyo cuisine famous the world over. There's grilled tuna, chicken and pork, kinilaw, sinigang, and other dishes that are sure to satisfy even the most discriminating palate. Wash it with beer or have some fresh pomelo for dessert. All this can you enjoy as our singer serenade you with an unlimited selection of popular songs.
  • Kai's Bar and Grill - The mountains echo with the seconds of the best bands in the city as they perform fabulous and energitic number here nightly. Dance the night away or simply listen with friends Hobnob with other party animals who have made Kai's Bar the favorite party place all here drinking and dancing till' the break dawn.
  • Karlo's Coffe Station - Simply, this is the best coffee shop in the city that serves the freshest coffee. Take your pick from your favorite, cappuccino, mocha, americano, or the house specialities like white chocolate mocha and coffee of the month. Enjoy it in the cool ambiance of glass walls, warm lights and spectacular view.
  • Kool's Kat Pool - The newest addition to Davao City skyline, the twin pools give a new dimension to the resort's already excellent facilities. With a fabulous view, the pool gives swimmers completely new experience with water. Plunge in or just float lazily around, relaxing to the refreshing sound of a waterfalls built for your pleasure. There's nothing like it.
  • Penmar Hall 1 & 2 - What’s more pleasing than holding your forums, wedding, conventions or seminars at Jack’s Ridge Penmar Hall. Situated within a natural scenery, Penmar hall will surely make your activities more pleasurable.
  • BMW Piano Bar - his piano bar is the ultimate in light music and relaxation. Lounge in its cool and homey interiors as our top rated musician play smooth and easy melodies a perfect backdrop for conversation and a round of drinks with friends conversation and a round of drinks with friends or join in the fun and singing, everything for a night of laid back merriment.

  • Souvenir Shop - Reminisce the captivating beauty of the city with the souvenir shop’s pieces of mementos.
  • Cottage's - Wake up to the smell of the cool mountain air and the unparalleled sight of the sun shining over Davao City and its environs. Overnight cottages are available for those who want to experience the serenity of sleeping amidst the lush surrounding of Jack's Ridge and walking up to a fantastic night.
  • Amphitheater - Celebrate your weddings or other special occasion at our amphitheather. With its scenic atmosphere, it will truly make your event a memorable one.
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