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Davao's Durian

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City of Durian 'Davao'

“Durian, the king of fruits, has a special place in the hearts of Davaoenos. It is, after all, one of the greatest attractions of Davao City, luring thousands of visitors to come see these shores to experience the fruit that, some say, “tastes like heaven but smells like hell.”

But more than just an attraction, the durian is a delight to the Davaoenos, especially to the lumad community who were surely the first to enjoy it. It is also a “thorny” reminder that there is much to be thankful for in this land.

The abundance of nature is never more obvious than during durian season, when the streets overflow with the fruit and locals can be found squatting on the sidewalk to enjoy a simple — truly incomparable — feast.

These words are etched on a tablet, underneath the Durian Eaters Statue, which is found in a favorite hang-out overlooking Davao City. Durian is closely associated with Davao , although it’s not confined in Davao alone.

Durian's Characteristics

The Durian is an ugly fruit, they say. Some attest to the other-worldliness of its appearance. It does have an uncanny, if not unique, appearance. But wait till you dig inside the fruit, and you will in reality be transported to a different world--that of bliss. Indeed, it is an other-worldly fruit.

Appearance-wise, it looks quite like a smaller version of Sputnik (the first man-made satellite. remember?) but unlike the 'spacefruit,' this one is greenish-brown to brown in color, and it's way smaller and lighter (didn't I say "smaller version?").

Durians are Spiny globes of greenish brown to brown, which may weigh over a kilo, many times even more than two kilos. Inside, one will see a neat row of seeds, usually four or five, per 'chamber' (the fruit has 5 chambers), all wearing a coat of greyish to yellow pulp.

The pulp! The secret behind the cult! This soft, superlatively tasty mass is the goal of my kind. It is the treasure that our fingers dig in for the tongue to fondle. The furnace that warms up our bodies, leading us into a state of heat. The flame that ignited the fires that spread the word on Davao's Durian.

The Durian is a fruit like no other. Its look, its smell, its taste, the sensation -- no other fruit could be as beautiful and pleasurable. It's one of the reasons why others love living in Davao. And why not, when it takes them closer to heavenly sensations.

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