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Tarzan Resort

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Tarzan's is a brand new resort, a 10 acre (4 hec) oceanfront copra plantation on a small island within 5 to 30 msinutes of 1/2 dozen empty surf spots. Our new 50' surfboat the “Falcon” will get you there in style. Not just for surfers it's for lovers too; snorkel, swim, mountain bike or just stroll down the beach all alone.

tarzan resort

Just 1 island south of Siargao and cloud nine but worlds apart. If you want to really get away from "it all" this is the place. Eat seafood caught right out front and veggies from our garden. Dine on the beach, on the boat, your veranda or have breakfast in bed. Too good to be true? Come see for yourself.


oceanfront cottages with bathroom (CR) and shower
cottage for two
cottage for four
with 3 meals a day

tarzan cottage for 2 tarzan cottage for 2 interior
tarzan cottage for 4 tarzan cottage for 4 interior

Breakfast - continental breakfast with fresh fruit, french toast or pancakes, eggs and bacon or cornbeef.

Dinner - grilled porkchops, pork of chicken adobo, noddles, minudo, steam crabs, fried squid, fish and rice.


Activities: wake boarding, badminton, volleyball, mini golf, explore other islands.

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