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Kalinaw resort is the dream accomplishement of two french guys who descide to leave paris for a tropical life, both designers and inspired by art, architecture, fashion but also by the street culture and skateboard. The Resort is the result of all those inspirations and also two years of hard work.

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Both of them will be proud to present you their little paradise. Located at 500 meters from the worlwide famous surfing wave name cloud 9 on the island of siargao, philippines, their is facing a peaceful laggon. They choose the name kalinaw cause it means also in the visayan language "peaceful". Come and discover what is the real meaning of kalinaw....


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Kalinaw resort is located on the island of siargao in the province of surigao del norte, philippines.Siargao is facing the pacific ocean giving it a special climat compare to the rest of the philippines. This location give also to siargao a world class surfing wave named cloud 9. Their rainy season start december to finish in february.

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During this season the weather is mostly good with big rain shower to remind you is the rainy season. The rest of the year is the dry season. Siargao Island is the perfect place to discover different landscape because of his diversity, from the islets to the lagoon with the coral reef, from the mangroves to the fallspring water and from the white sand beaches to the rainforests, you'll be as suprised as us of his beauty.

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