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Camiguin Transportation

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Transportation in Camiguin is limited to multi-cabs and tricycles. A tricycle is a motorcycle with an attached passenger cab with roof, while a multi-cab is a small vehicle where back passengers seat across each other. It seats about 7.


To maximize your trip, hire a multi-cab for a day or 2 to take you round the sights in Camiguin. Also available hired a multi-cab from the port for transfers to/from hotel and to take us around. This already included the wait at the shore while we frolick at the white sand bar, 2 kms away from shore, and while we swam at the pool at the bottom of the Katibawasan falls. All for P2000 something.

The Camiguin equivalent of a tricycle, cyclo, becak or tuktuk is the motorela. In Mambajao town, motorelas operate on either westbound or eastbound direction, the sign is clearly posted on the body of the moto.

Westbound motos cannot go to the east side of town unless it's on a special trip (moto wont stop for other people), and vice versa. Minimum fare is 6 pesos. Make sure you agree on the fare for a special trip before getting in the moto.

For a day tour at camiguin (katibawasan fall, ardent hot spring, sto.nino cold spring, ruin old church, sunken semetery , station of the can hire a motorcyle or a motorela but for other hired vehicle they chose the small jeep ....php1000-1800 something.

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