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Things to do in Baguio

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Baguio, being the Summer Capital of the Philippines, offers a lot of tourist spots that one may enjoy for two to four days. Below is the list of 20 things to do and see while in Baguio.

1. Take your photo with the Igorot tribesmen in their traditional costumes infront of the Baguio Botanical Garden.

2. Hire a rowboat and paddle your way around the man-made lagoon
at Burnham Park

3. Attend a mass at Baguio Cathedral

4. Check out Bell Church and some Buddhist artifacts

5. Spend a night at Camp John Hay

6. Try the yummy Good Shepherd ube jam

7. Take your photo infront of The Mansion which is the official summer residence of the President of the Philippines

8. Hire a horse or pony at Wright Park and be a cowboy/cowgirl for an hour :)

9. Take a peek at Philippine Military Academy

10.Climb 252 steps going to Lourdes Grotto

11.Take your photo infront of Lion Statue at Camp 6

12.Immerse yourself with the arts at Tam-awan Village

13. Go to Ibay's and check out the various sterling silver accessories being sold

14. Eat buffalo wings at Don Henrico's

15. Take a look at Benguet's gold and copper mines at Mines View Park

16. Eat boiled sweet corn or grilled dried squid while walking around Mines View Park or Burnham Park

17. Go to the Baguio City Public Market and try some of the delectable goodies such as Mikasan Chocoflakes, Romana's Peanut Brittle and Tantamco's Lengua de Gato

18. Experience ukay-ukay at its finest

19. Witness the annual Panagbenga Festival every February

20. Lastly, simply enjoy the cool atmosphere of Baguio

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